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With the cost of fuel and labour constantly rising operating traditional diesel powered lighting towers is becoming more and more expensive.

In order to combat these rising costs for you, Propa Solutions has developed the next generation of skid mounted LED lighting towers, suitable for mine sites, road works, expos, festivals and sporting events.


Differing from conventional LED light towers, our tower is purely powered by sunlight and has no engine which means it does not require refuelling or servicing on a regular basis, saving you thousands on both fuel and labour expenses. In addition to this we are also using the latest LED lighting technology which is the same used on the US – Mexican border. These LED lights are both bullet and shock proof which makes them perfect for operation in harsh mining environments.

The use of LED lights in our solar lighting towers instead of traditional lights means that no UV light is emitted and therefore NO insect attraction. Our standard model uses a skid base and can be easily moved with any car, truck or machinery with the appropriate weight limit. Our light tower is MDG 15 Certified and due to the low voltage of the LED lighting there is no need for regular testing and tagging and nor does the skid require testing of its roadworthiness.


The latest German technology in VRLA batteries ensures seamless operation for years to come without worry, keeping your solar lighting tower operational and providing both safe and silent working light. Should you require a longer run time or extended life then the battery pack is easily expandable. By utilising only the highest quality Solar PV modules from German manufacturer Q-Cells and Australian made charge controllers we can ensure that, providing the panels are positioned correctly, our light tower will always provide you with light when and where you need it.


We can offer a range of in house finance options on our light towers including lease, chattel mortgage or a simple business loan. By using one of these options a return on investment on our solar LED lighting tower of less than 1 year is easily achievable.

Our in-house engineers have developed a wide range of add-ons for our LED lighting towers including Wi-Fi, GPS tracking on iPhone and Android, CCTV, 12V/24V power outlets as well as the option to have a 220V and 3 phase power outlet to turn your solar light tower into a mobile power plant, from where your team can operate their power tools. Should you have any further additions in mind which we haven’t listed then we will develop this for you.


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Custom Design

We currently have a wide range of add-ons available which from CCTV, Wi-Fi, extended run time and higher light output to optional 240V and 3phase power outputs. If we do not already have the right solution for you, then our in-house engineers will develop one.

All of our lighting towers are 100% GPS trackable which means you always know where your assets are. No more driving around looking for equipment. There are both iPhone and Android apps available.

With no need for fossil fuels you can reduce operation costs by an average of $40,696 per annum on top of the savings made in labour costs.

"As a Finance Officer in one of Australia's largest mining companies I welcomed the change to solar powered  rather than diesel powered lighting towers"

Low Maintainance Cost

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Fast ROI

Differing from diesel powered light towers; our solar powered light tower only needs an average of 1hr maintenance per week compared to up to 7hrs for diesel powered lighting towers.

MDG 15 Certified

With no fuel required and cheap maintenance costs we have achieved very low return on investment periods of 6-8 months or less. We can also offer hire, lease and other finance options.

More Features

"Together with Propa! we have developed our own version of the tower which is exactly what we have been looking for for a long time"

• Zero noise enables operation close to residents

• No UV light emitted means no insect attraction

• No warm-up time thanks to battery operation

• No 240V check-ups required

• High quality solar panels made in Germany

All of our lighting towers are MDG15 certified for safe operation in any mining environment. Additional certifications can be carried out on request.

Our Product Screenshots

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NO Fuel Costs

GPS Tracking

What Our Clients Say

"The best investment I ever made. With the finance option and NO diesel needed it paid for itself in 7 months! Well done guys"